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A High Performance & Cost Effective Disposable Circular Connector
Time: 2018-05-19 09:49:00

On May 2018, we successfully launched a high performance and disposable connector to the medical market. This is an ideal cost effective connector which is fully compatible to Fischer’s TUC™ Series connector.


Its main technical index / parameters are as below:

Pin Counts: 2~27Pin

Colour: White (Blue/Black/Green,etc are optional)

Mating Cycle: 10 cycles

Mating & Unmating force: 10~20N

Operating Temperature: -20~+65

IP Level: IP30   

Sterilization: Gamma or EtO

Compatibility: Compatible with CirconTech F Series metal socket connector or Fischer socket connectors.

l  For PDF drawing, pleas kick this link http://www.circontech.com/uploadfile/2018/0519/20180519055128112.pdf


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